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3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro - Keep Your Registry Clean

written by: David Berry•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 9/22/2008

3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows is a utility that scans the Windows registry for invalid or obsolete information. Keeping your registry clean will increase your system performance and eliminate potential problems. So how does Registry Repair Pro For Windows perform? Read on.

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    When you use Windows, whether to install a new program, change system settings, or add new device drivers, entries are added to the system registry. The Windows registry is an essential Windows component that can become quite large and complex over time. It’s like a large database that Windows uses to keep track of your system settings, preferences, and installed programs. The registry contains keys and values that are like folders with data stored inside of them. Over time, the registry can become bloated or even corrupted as you make changes to your system.  Even when you uninstall a program, some of the registry keys associated with it may not be removed. This can cause slow system performance and even system crashes.

    A registry cleaner like 3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows will scan the Windows registry looking for invalid entries or orphaned keys and values, much like a defragmentation program looks for fragmented files and wasted space on your hard drive. After the scan is complete, 3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows will fix these corrupt entries to improve your computer’s performance and speed.  Some registry cleaners will also compact and defragment the size of the registry which makes it more stable and speeds up access to it when needed. Like other PC utilities, the goal of a registry cleaner is to restore your system to a healthy working state.

    There are a number of different registry cleaners to choose from. Since changes to the registry can do serious damage to your PC, it’s not recommended that you try and make registry changes on your own. 3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows is an excellent registry cleaner that will handle the job for you with out causing more problems.
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    Price to Value

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    3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows will cost you $19.99. Other registry cleaners are similarly priced. There are also some freeware registry cleaners available. However, for piece of mind, reliability, and better features, 3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows is a great value for the money.

    What's Not: 
    If you’re on a tight budget you can always manually scan the registry for errors and delete them using the regedit.exe and reg.exe programs that come with Windows. This is a very long and complicated process however. In addition, cleaning the registry manually increases the chances that you may accidentally delete an important key. This is a very risky task if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. I wouldn’t recommend this option just because it's free.
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    Installation & Setup

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    The installation and setup of 3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows was very straightforward and there were no prompts during the setup that need your attention. The program installed just fine on Windows XP as well as Windows Vista. When you launch the installation you are also given the option of installing a 90 Day License of Celceo SystemAI, which supposedly optimizes your software applications and improves system stability and performance. I didn’t test this program so I would recommend reading some reviews about it first.

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    User Interface

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    One of the great things about 3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows is its uncomplicated user interface. All of the program features are easily laid out so that the average user can clean their registry without any trouble. Each section of 3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows has information about the feature and help that is just a mouse click away.

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    Product Features

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    3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows comes with four main features; Scan Your Registry, Defragment Registry, Restore a Backup, and Schedule Auto Scan. Scan Your Registry is the main component of 3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows. When you click the Scan Registry For Errors button you have the option of selecting the error categories that you would like 3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows to scan for. These include invalid paths, invalid fonts, invalid help files, invalid shared DLLs, obsolete Start Menu items, invalid application paths, unused software entries, and Auto Run Programs. You can also choose to scan the Classes section of the registry as well as System Services and invalid File Associations. The average user should use the default settings. After the scan is complete you will see a summary screen that shows you how many problems were detected. You can choose to immediately repair all problems or, if you’re more computer-savvy, you can view the details of each category and manually select which entries you want repaired and which you would like left alone. Before any repairs are made, you will be given the option to backup the registry first. I highly recommend that you always back up your registry before any changes are made. Mistakes in the registry can cause more crashes and other system errors.

    The next most important feature is Defragment Registry. After you have finished letting the program make repairs you should choose to defragment your registry. Much like defragmenting a hard drive, this feature will remove any unused space and compact the registry. This allows Windows to access registry entries faster, which will improve your system performance. Before you defragment your registry, make sure to close any open programs and be prepared to let the program run. The defragmentation process is slow and needs exclusive access to the registry to work properly. This means that using your computer while the registry is being defragmented will make it less effective. After the defragmenter is finished you will need to re-boot your PC.

    In addition to these two main features, you can also restore your registry from a previously saved backup if anything goes wrong, or schedule 3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows to automatically scan your computer on a regular basis.

    Finally, the software includes a number of advanced settings for setting program options and scanning your registry for a specific string or value. You can also uninstall programs directly from 3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows. This allows you to not only remove a program but also remove all of its registry entries as well. This prevents unwanted registry keys from being left behind.

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    In testing this program, 3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows performed exactly as advertised. When 3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows scanned my PC, the registry keys it identified as being safe to remove were accurately recognized. Running the scanner did not slow down my computer, even with other programs running.

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    Help & Support

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    3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows comes with an adequate help file which is available via the Help button on every screen. Help may look sparse but it does cover all of the program’s features. You can also get help via email or fax. There is addition technical support available on their web site which includes frequently asked questions and troubleshooting assistance for 3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows.

    3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows also has a Live Update button that makes it easy for you to check for program updates and install them.

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    Suggested Features

    3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows does exactly what it's designed to do. I can't think of any additional features that should be included.
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    Registry cleaning and repair is an important part of computer maintenance. If your registry is full of errors it can make your system unstable. This causes performance problems and crashes or freezes your computer. 3BSoftware Registry Repair Pro For Windows allows you to safely scan your Windows registry for potential problems and keeps your system clean and running as efficiently as possible.
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