Create Absolutely Free Fonts with Cufon

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Cufon is a utility that allows web designers to take fonts they have already purchased and convert them for web use. With Cufon, you can take existing fonts and do a number of changes to them using a web interface.

Documentation (5 out of 5)

Converting fonts for web use can be a bit tricky with Cufon, but there is extensive documentation that teaches people how to use the two primary tools offered on the website. The volunteers also publish lists of known bugs and issues and flow charts to aid users. Extensive troubleshooting advice is also noted in the documentation section of the website.

Support (3 out of 5)

Cufon appears to have decent technical support outside of the documentation, especially for a free website. However, it does note that not every question will be answered personally through e-mail. It does appear that people who are polite and ask reasonable questions will receive some kind of support outside of the documentation section. But as with any volunteer website effort, complete technical support is never guaranteed.

Demos (4 out of 5)

Cufon has also published a selection of demos to help users figure out the best ways they can use the tools to convert their fonts for web use. The existing demos serve as tutorials in a sense and show people the full capacities of Cufon.

Browser Choices (5 out of 5)

Unlike some websites, Cufon is different and supports almost every recent Web browser in existence. Almost all users of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome should be able to use all of Cufon’s free fonts functions, including any needed Javascript work. As of May 2009, Cufon does not work on Safari 2 and may have issues with Internet Explorer 5.5. However, the volunteers have stated on the website that if there is enough interest they may be able to reprogram the website to support these two browser versions.