The Pros and Cons of CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer

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CoffeeCup’s Visual Site Designer (4 out of 5)

CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer

CoffeeCup is a software company that provides some of the most easy-to-use software solutions for novice web designers or non-designers who need to get a site up fast. There is absolutely no coding knowledge necessary to use the Visual Site Designer because every feature in the program is either drag and drop or click to choose. For an absolute novice, this program could enable you to build a website in just minutes with a very minimal software learning curve.

Image Credit: CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer webpage.


  • Very low cost compared to other site designers (approximately $50US)
  • Easy to use
  • Absolutely no coding required
  • Build full-fledged websites rather than just blogs
  • Create a site in minutes
  • Features enable video, images, and more
  • Many templates to choose from
  • Create your own templates
  • Upgrades for life with purchase
  • Free trial version
  • Affordable add-on themes available for purchase (approximately $9US per theme)
  • All pages built using the program’s WYSIWYG design are W3C valid


  • Many features require additional CoffeeCup Software Purchases or additional fees
  • Users do not learn any coding
  • Templates are not high quality by today’s web standards


Unless you’re an absolute beginner, this program probably won’t prove very useful to you. However, if you’re just getting started and you need a website that looks decent and doesn’t take much time or effort to make, this program will deliver in minutes. If you’re hoping to learn more about coding or web design, you will want to look elsewhere for a program that allows you to view the code.

All in all, this program is packed with ease, affordability, and features that you won’t find in many other programs at this price range. Visual Site Designer would make an excellent addition to a small business’s tools, especially if the budget does not allow for a web designer. Any person with basic reading skills can use this program to build a website in a matter of minutes, and it would even be an excellent way to introduce school students to web design for class projects and more.