WeBuilder 2008 – A Review

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Compatible Languages (5 out of 5)

Unlike some web code editors, WeBuilder 2008 editors nearly every language you could possibly want to code with. HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, ASP.net, SSI, Perl, Ruby and WML can all be created and edited with WeBuilder 2008 with ease.

Ease of Use (5 out of 5)

If there is one thing WeBuilder 2008 does that is unique, it is in the ease of use. This web editor allows the user to create and edit templates, validate code, reuse code and navigate through code with a search function. With a PHP debugger, code completion tool, FTP client, multi-file clipboard and code collapse, there is not a function forgotten with WeBuilder 2008.

Multi-Functionality (5 out of 5)

Web designers and web developers rarely work on one project at a time. When coding different websites, it is important to keep all files for one client in a safe place that is easily accessible. WeBuilder 2008 helps with that need. The integrated project tools, the user is able to create new projects and save the files for each project in a dedicated place. The use of templates is another feature that web designers will use to decrease the time spent on each job. The templates can be edited versions of the included templates or pages coded from scratch. Either way, the skeleton page information can be used over and over again without the need to code over and over again.

WeBuilder 2008 doesn’t stop there. The built in web browser allows the coder to see the results of their coding in order to see any coding misses visually as the consumer will see the page. Visual editing is a very important tool for web designers. While the code may be perfect, the result on the page may not be appealing to the eye. Page colors, picture alignments and font choices are better perfected with visual editing.

OS Compatibility (3 out of 5)

WeBuilder 2008 is currently compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista. The program is not compatible with MAC – that is a negative.

Price (3 out of 5)

With an explosion of open source web editing software, the $49.85 (personal license) and $69.85 (professional license) may be a bit too much for some people. However, with licensed software, updates and support are often included. The free 30 day trial is a great option for someone wishing to try out this top-of-the-line web editor before laying out the money to buy the full version.