CushyCMS Review: Part I

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How Does CushyCMS Work?

After signing up, the primary thing for clients to do is set up the site where they enter the new site’s URL, which they hope to edit alongside the information for their FTP. These include passwords, URL and username for the site as well their root directory’s path, which they select from the directory’s list generated for them by Cushy.

After the setup of the site, the pages clients wish to be edited should be assigned to that site and editors created for the pages. Editors should be assigned per page to a client’s site. This permits them users the ability to restrict which editors have access to which pages of their site.

Preparing a Page for Alterations

Cushy’s intelligence is adequate in recognizing the element type that was tugged and henceforth generates a suitable form field to edit the particular element. When is tagged for instance, it provides a simple field of text to edit the heading, though, when a set of paragraphs is tagged by wrapping them in , they will provide a functionality of paragraph editing to the field of text.

Images are handled very well by Cushy. When the class of CushyCMS is added to the image element with its pre-defined height and width, an upload field file is presented to the Editor for a replacement of that image, and then the one uploaded will be resized automatically to the images’ pre-defined dimensions. Testing of this feature was done by a great reduction of the image size then its addition to the test page. Next was signing-on as Editor, selecting the page and replacing it with its original, a bigger image and Cushy perfectly resized the image down according to the defined dimensions in HTML.

The revisions of every edit made to any page are also kept by Cushy for easy reversal to older versions of the pages if it is necessary.

Downloading CushyCMS

For anyone interested in trying out CushyCMS, the content management system is FREE. That’s right, there is no cost for this open source content management system. The system requires no software download and can be run directly from the site.