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Free Business Web Template Designs

written by: Amber Neely•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 4/21/2012

You're a professional, isn't it time your website reflected that? It's time to sack that tired old web design you've been embarrassed to show people and get something you can truly be proud of. This article will spotlight some free business web template designs for you to modify to your liking!

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    In this day and age, it is absolutely critical for a business to maintain a very positive and professional online presence. Unfortunately, if you're not a web design guru, you might find that this is difficult to achieve without the help of someone who is well versed in web design. Instead of paying someone hundreds of dollars to design your website, you can always create basic informational websites with free business web template designs! This article will spotlight five of my all time favorite business minded designs to take a good look at!

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    Zymic: Template 87

    Template 87 by Zymic Light and airy, but still very professional feeling, Template 87 by Zymic shows the lighter side of professional websites. This would be fantastic for an eco-minded company or a small company whose goal is to provide a nature-based service such as landscaping, recycling, or anything agriculturally based like a farmers co-op!

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    Zymic: Template 75

    Template 75 by Zymic While the example given is webhosting, Template 75 could easily be modified to showcase just about anything! With a cool blue minimalistic theme, this not only comes off as professional, but also very stylish! Great if you've got packages of things to offer, as the three boxes allow you to let people compare benefits and prices side by side.

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    Zymic: Template 15

    Template 15 by Zymic Looking for tradition with a twist? Template 15 by Zymic offers a great professional feeling without feeling clinical and overly simplified. Beautiful pixel-wide borders allow the information to be separated into two columns that don't feel out of sync with each other, while soft white bars against cool cyan backgrounds offer up a tranquil feeling. This has long been one of my favorite free business web template designs!

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    Zymic: Template 90

    Template 90 by Zymic Is minimalistic your thing? One of the best templates I've ever run across in terms of minimalistic has got to be Template 90 by Zymic. A beautiful black, white and grey template with very clean lines and little embellishments makes a powerful statement. This could easily be used for any small business, professional blog, contact page, or site map.

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    Zymic: Template 15

    Template 14 by Zymic Very traditional, Template 14 by Zymic offers a white template with cyan and orange accents that is sure to fit just about anything you can throw at it! I especially like this one because its minimalistic design seems to demand you to expand upon it, allowing you to infinitely customize it to your needs!

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