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Submitting a Sitemap to Bing

written by: Regina Woodard•edited by: Ronda Bowen•updated: 11/28/2010

Want to submit a sitemap to Bing? Submitting your website's sitemap to Microsoft's Bing search engine is a simple and quick process. In this article, learn how to submit a sitemap to Bing.

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    Microsoft Bing Search Engine

    Along with the changes that came about with the new operating system of Windows 7, Microsoft rolled out a ton of new things for the new year of 2010. Among then was their search engine called Bing, which essentially replaced the all familiar MSN homepage that was the default homepage and search engine for Windows users.

    Bing comes with a host of new features, including an webmaster tool area that helps developers and webmasters in getting their website the best exposure on this up and coming search engine.

    But how does one go about submitting their website to Bing? Continue reading on and learn how to submit sitemaps to Bing.

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    Submitting a Sitemap to Bing

    So what is a sitemap and why should you submit it to a search engine? A sitemap in the general sense is a collection of the pages that are featured on a website. These are usually in a hierarchy, going from the top page (usually the main or homepage) and goes down, including all the subpages to the website.

    A sitemap helps search engines and visitors to the site to find certain pages that they are looking for. Submitting a sitemap to a search engine enables it to be found by others who are either looking for it or looking for something similar that may be on the the site itself.

    As a webmaster - someone who takes care of a website, such as adding or deleting content from it - it is important that you try and tell as many people as you can about your website, especially if it a business website or you are trying to sell a service or product. Getting the word out about your website on several search engines allows for more people to find it.

    Submitting a sitemap to Bing is quite easy and only takes about five to ten minutes. The first thing is to go to the Bing Toolbox, whereSubmit Sitemap to Bing  you can chose between the webmaster and developer toolboxes. This link will go to the webmaster toolbox, where you can submit a sitemap or a website URL to the Bing search engine. Clicking the 'submit a sitemap to Bing' link will take you to an area with instructions on how to copy and paste a link that will add your sitemap to Bing's search.

    You can also go back to the main webmaster toolbox and submit your website as well. For this article, I submitted my personal website and sitemap. The submission usually takes a few hours or a day to go through and populate within search results. I waited a week, just to let enough time go by. I next went to the Bing home search page and typed in the name of my website. As you can see by the picture, my website is the second result on the Bing search.

    Submitting your sitemap to Bing is a simple process and allows for even greater exposure for your company, business, professional, and even personal website.

    Image content @ Bing; Spantenna