Communicate Better With Interactive Design

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When creating a web site, you want to make it informative and useful to your visitors. You also want to take time to make the site fun to use and user-friendly. Interactive web sites provide you with all of these characteristics for a successful site. Interactive web design allows you to create a place on the Internet where people can come and interact with each other or with the information you have available on it. It allows your visitors to retrieve, upload, and share information with you and other users of your site.

Ways to Create an Interactive Web Design

Creating an interactive web design is easy with the right tools. Before you search for these tools, it is helpful to understand everything you could put on your web site and then choose what would fit your site’s style the best.

  • Forums

Forums allow users to discuss the information you have on your site.

  • Polls or questionnaires

You can have polls or questionnaires on your site to understand what your visitors are interested in and use that to improve your web site. It can also generate good discussion, which could lead to more traffic.

  • Forms

If your online business provides quotes to people, you can include a form that either will generate a quote or can send you the information via email so you can contact the potential customer. You can also use forms so people can send you questions or feedback.

  • Newsletters

Sending a newsletter to visitors of your site is a great way to keep them updated and returning to your web site.

  • Picture gallery

Social networking is popular on the Internet now and coupling a picture gallery with forums can help form community on your site.

Interactive Web Design: Benefits to the Web Developer

After reading about making your web site interactive, you may think that it is a lot of work in both start up and maintenance.  The truth is that making your web design interactive saves you time and can help your web site become a success.  Once everything is set up with programs and scripts for the tools you want, all you have to do is check in regularly to update your site.  The discussion forums and picture galleries run by themselves and all you have to do is monitor for spam.  The newsletter feature will gather all information from users and all you have to do is send it.  Finally, the forms saves you time because you will no longer have to send people quotes yourself, the system will send them for you, if you so choose.