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Say What? Fresh Ideas for Facebook Status Messages

written by: William Springer•edited by: Amber Neely•updated: 11/3/2010

Why does John have a sock on his head, and who wants to get in on a trip to Vegas? These are just a few of the great questions a Facebook status update can answer; here are some great Facebook status ideas.

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    Too often, people use their Facebook status updates to complain about things or attack others; as a result, nobody wants to read them! Those who post interesting or humorous messages, however, find that their updates are appreciated. Here are a few Facebook status ideas that will ensure people will want to read your posts!

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    The Informative Post

    When I find something great online, I naturally want to share it with my friends.Facebook status updates can be a great way to shareImage by flikr user wonderfully complex  information with a large group of people who might find it interesting; for example, I once posted about a particularly bad traffic jam to warn anyone who might be headed that way! Status updates can also be a good way to ask a question when you don't know who might know the answer; I've seen people get good advice on computer problems this way.

    One time I was planning a trip and needed a roommate, so I posted on Facebook asking if anybody wanted to go; that got me someone to go with whom I might not have thought of asking, and we had a great time!

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    The Puzzler

    Some status updates just make people scratch their heads and say "huh?". In some cases this can be an inside joke. Last year for breast cancer awareness month, many women on Facebook started changing their statuses to be a color; the joke was that it was the color of their bras. The guys I know found out what was going on and launched a counterattack: we posted the colors of our shoes!

    The most fun I ever had with Facebook was a practical joke. I had shaved off my beard for the first time in over a decade; my girlfriend posted an obscure Facebook status update referring to it, saying that she couldn't believe what I'd done. This was right before we left town for the weekend to visit our families, during which we pointedly refused to answer text messages or Facebook posts. The result? Half of our friends assumed that I'd just popped the question; by the end of the weekend I was actually getting text messages congratulating me on the engagement!

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    The Funny Post

    Everybody loves a laugh - witness the joke emails that are still being forwarded more than a decade after they were first sent! Putting something unexpected in your status update is a good way to bring a few smiles to your friends' faces. That doesn't mean you have to tell jokes; putting in humorous observations works just fine.

    Some of the status updates I've seen get the most likes were simply transcripts of short conversations the poster had recently; others were wry comments on recent events. I got a number of thumbs for a comment on how the Mushroom Kingdom really should hire secret service protection for Princess Peach!