How to Use Christmas Colors on Your Website

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Websites, blogs, message boards and virtually every other type of online entity needs to remain updated to stay ahead of the Internet curve. If boredom or malaise sets in, users won’t think twice about surfing somewhere else. While updated content is the primary concern, the visual aspect shouldn’t be ignored.

Many websites change their themes and colors throughout the year to keep their website aesthetically pleasing to users. With Christmas time around the corner, web developers should start considering using Christmas themes and colors when the holiday season arrives. The transformation can be done subtly or with a big splash – the choice is yours.

Christmas Colors

The easiest part of a website to change to get into the Christmas spirit is usually the color scheme. Using forest greens and passionate reds will make the Christmas theme obvious. A successful hexadecimal pairing is #085F00 for the green and #FF0000 for the red. If you want a more subtle colors, try #006611 for the green and #993333 for the red. Both of these combinations are web friendly and work especially well when white is the third primary color in the scheme.

For a more sophisticated look, consider going with a “sparkly snow” Christmas color scheme. In such a scheme, the green is replaced with silver and black. The red is still used but sparingly as a highlight instead of as a dominant color. By using silver, black, white and red, a Christmas feel is still achieved while keeping a stylish design. In this look, consider using #EB3216 for the red and #D4D4D4 for the silver.

If you want to avoid bright colors, two alternate ideas are to use a gingerbread theme or a Yule theme. Both of these topics invoke thoughts of the holiday season but they utilize much more subdued colors. For a gingerbread theme, consider a hexadecimal trio of #A45544, #C68160 and #B38671. Web friendly Yule colors include #CC5B10, #7A370A and #F1ED79.

Though you don’t need to deck out your website with images of Santa and reindeer, by merely changing the colors, you can get in the holiday spirit while still retaining a professional presence.