Learn How to Use CSS Fly to Edit CSS on the Fly

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What CSSFly Does

CSSFly works in your web browser to edit the CSS of any website you are browsing. If you don’t like the way the desing works, alter it right there. Real-time editing of the CSS code means you can edit the code as you wish, as much as you want, until you get the look you want. It does it by caching the actual HTML and CSS files of the website you’re viewing, and opening an editor in a frame that allows you to edit the cached versions of the files. There’s even a bookmarklet you can add to your toolbar so you have quick and easy access to the app whenever you want to use it.

Why Use CSSFly

If you are in control of a web design, sometimes taking the time to edit a local file, save it, and upload it to the website via FTP can be a hassle. When you can test several different configurations in a browser before deciding which one you want to use, it will save the trouble of having to continuously upload a new file version to test it on the live site.

If you are not in control of a web design and you don’t like the way a certain website looks, you can change the CSS code, provided you know a bit about the design code. Create a completely custom approach to your favorite websites!

How to Use CSSFly

If you want to use CSSFly, go to the CSSFly website. Enter the URL of the website you want to edit. A window will open that allows you to edit the CSS code of the website so you can change it to your liking. This is a tool very much like the Web Developer plugin for Mozilla Firefox. It works for both Windows and Mac, in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.