Learn How to Use a Viral Widget to Help Brand and Promote Your Product or Service

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What is a Viral Widget?

What’s a widget? It’s a small application that displays information. Chances are you’ve dealt with widgets many times. There are widgets to show your myspace status feed, twitter feed, and even articles you’ve written on eHow, on other websites, to connect your audience to you in several different places.

A viral widget is an application that can be easily added to another person’s blog, website, or desktop. A viral widget can be used to show an RSS feed from your website or blog, and will promote your content to others. Viral widgets should be easy for people to add to their own websites, blogs, and social networking profiles, or they won’t work effectively.

Why Use Viral Widgets?

Viral widgets will provide your users with something useful for their website or blog, and their readers or visitors. In addition, it will spread your message to others who are interested in the product or service you provide. The more people who display your widget, the more people who are going to find out about you. The name viral comes from the fact that it is easily spread like a traditional virus. Viral marketing is not always easy, but viral widgets are an important part to the success of a viral marketing campaign.

Creating a Viral Widget

There are several different ways you can create a viral widget. If you have a budget, you can hire a professional developer to help you. If you have coding knowledge, you can experiment with using different feeds and APIs to build your own viral widget. If you don’t have coding knowledge or money to spend on the professional developer, there are free services available such as Transponder to help you create a viral widget or social networking application. If you’re interested in another tool for creating a facebook app, check out: Zembly. Social networking applications are a great way to build brand awareness and potentially earn money.