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What is Alfresco Web Studio?

Alfresco Web Studio is a simple, easy-to-use, web design program that works with the Alfresco Surf platform. It is a drag and drop designer, making easy for many people to use, without any coding knowledge of languages such as HTML and CSS. In addition to websites, it can be used to develop other web applications. It is an ideal solution for many web design and development businesses because it has a lower cost of ownership than many programs on the market today. It claims to be a “rapid” development program, meaning employees can work faster to produce high quality websites and applications, making the business more profitable.

Alfresco Web Studio Features

Alfresco Web Studio features:

  • “Rapid Web Development” through the use of templates and using branching to make quick site updates.

  • Integrated Code and Content management allows designers to manage the code and content in one place, making it quicker and easier to use.

  • The Alfresco Surf platform: an application platform that allows web developers to “build their presentation layer using web scripts.” There is a library of elements available to use over and over again in creating functional website designs.

  • Preview changes as they are made to web applications.

  • Uses REST architecture

  • Can be used with Dreamweaver.

  • Develops XML

Alfresco Availability

Alfresco is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, and is available in two different formats: Community (open source, free version) and Enterprise–the paid version recommended for businesses and large corporations.

Alfresco has several other products, all available with no upfront costs, to assist with document management, records management, image management, and project collaboration. If support is desired, users have the option to purchase a yearly subscription to have access to all the same things in the Enterprise Edition.

Installation instructions and tutorials can be found at the Alfresco Studio Wiki. Other information about the suite can be found at the Alfresco website.