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What is Fusebox?

Fusebox is an application building framework, available for free. For those who perfer working with ColdFusion and PHP, this development framework will make building and maintaining web applications easier. It is designed to break the application development up into smaller pieces, making them easier to work on, and helping make team development less hassle.

Either Object Oriented Programming (OOP) or Model-View-Controller (MVC) can be used within Fusebox, making it a versitale program for web developers to use. Some developers perfer one method of programming over the other, and many application buidling frameworks force developers to work in one method.

The program works like this: A web application is made up of several different “circuits.” Each circut uses at least one “fuseaction.” The fuseactions are handlers which tell the application what to do. The fuseactions work by using one or more fuses to tell the application how to act.

Fusebox relies on XML framework and extensible plugins for development. It even has support for adding custom XML tags, giving it a flexibility many development environments don’t offer. This flexibility provides the ability to meet a wide range of application needs.

Downloading Fusebox

To download Fusebox, there are two sets of files that are required. The most important set of files is the “core files.” These are required to run Fusebox. For those who are new and need some help learning the fusebox framework, there are also skelton files designed to help new developers. These can be downloaded from the Fusebox website. There are several different options for installing the fusebox files, outside the scope of this article. For help, please see: Installing Fusebox. Fusebox setup also has several different options, which heavily depend on the installation. Information on setup can be found at the Fusebox website.

Fusebox Applications

A wide variety of applications can be developed with Fusebox. Sample applications can be found on the Fusebox website, and include an online book store application, a POP mailbox application that receives, but does not send email–and various other options for several different versions of Fusebox.