Learn More About Cloud Hosting, aka Cloud Computing

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What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting, also known as cloud computing, is a new approach to web hosting making it easier for businesses to keep their websites running smoothly all the time. With a dedicated server, bandwidth can easily be overextended during traffic surges and cause the site to shut down. This leads to unhappy customers, and restoring peace among a consumer base isn’t always easy. With cloud hosting, webmasters have the ability to add and remove servers at any point in time, based on their specific needs at that moment.

Cloud hosting services provide a convenient way to pay for hosting, as people are only charged for what they use. It prevents people from having to keep multiple servers up and running, or from constantly having to contact their web host to update their bandwidth and storage space. This allows people to focus more on their customers and less on the logistics of keeping everything up and running.

Cloud hosting is a wonderful method of hosting larger websites, specifically social networking websites, where the traffic is always heavy. Word of mouth spreads fast, and if users experience too much down time, they’ll let everyone know.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting Services

There are three major reasons why cloud hosting is becoming an increasingly popular trend in web development:

Scalability: Add or remove servers based on how much computing power is needed, whenever it is needed. Not using more than necessary is also an environmentally friendly move.

Instant: Whenever power needs to be added or reduced, it is instantly done. It keeps traffic running smoothly, customers satisfied, and the finances happy.

Saves Money: Unlike traditional hosting services, cloud hosting only requires payment for use. Paying only for what hosting one uses is a more cost effective way of running business. Paying a flat rate for hosting on a large scale may make or break the budget these days.

Anyone interested in cloud hosting should consider the following companies: