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What Are The Top Five Features Of Joomla?

written by: Akili Amina•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 6/18/2009

In this article you will learn about five of the best features you will receive when you use the content management application, Joomla.

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    What Is Joomla?

    joomla Joomla, is a unique web application that will allow you to build graphically enhanced websites with functionality that is customized to your site's needs and goals. This tool is awesome for someone building a website; for business, personal use, or even for informational usage. Joomla, will have your creating the website of your dreams in no time at all.

    It simply takes you downloading the program to your computer and uploading it to your site. This open source program is one that makes site building extremely easy. Open source, typically means that it is offered free, by the application designers. It also means that although it is free to you to use, the core code for the program, is not available to you as a consumer, ever.

    This program will allow you to work from the back end of your website, making changes that are live on the website within seconds. Using an FTP program, you can actually; upload images, text content, chat programs, user forums, videos, articles on topics related to your site, and incorporate files for downloading right from your site.

    You can open a web store with this program or host a photography gallery. Joomla's actual usage list, might be considered endless. You can manage your website on the back end, using a program called the Control Panel. This user friendly interface will allow you to add other adminstrators to the site or delete them, create menus and sub-menus, or be able to keep track of all the sites functionality in one place.

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    So, What Are The Five Features?

    The five best features for the Joomla content management system, are:

    • Free - The fact that this program has been made free to use by consumers, is an astonishing fact. Those who offer the average Internet user and web developers this program for no cost, are those who make life on the Web a cinch.
    • Plugins - They are customizable extensions available for you to use, depending on what your site needs are overall. There are over 4,000 different types of extensions in the directory, ready to be added to your site.
    • Components - They are tools available to the web developer team for the website, components will allow for more added customization for the site, as well. Site builders can use them to backup the website or create better search engines.
    • Modules - They are small applications that will add greater functionality and bring richer content to your site. A module may add a PayPal button on your site for payments, bring applications updates from Twitter, or bring Flash content to your site.
    • Joomla Community - You wont feel all alone while using this program or feel that you dont have support, because there are many Joomla forum communities all over the web. You can keep up with the newest in features or be the first to know about bugs, that users are experiencing, if you join a forum community, like: Joomla! Forum.

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    Let's See!

    There are many websites that are operated on the back end by Joomla. You may not even notice the difference in those and any of the others that are created using other content management programs. This program may be close to being the easiest to install and great for those who aren't above the novice level of web development.

    There are many free templates that are available for download all over the web, which may in fact be the sixth most favored feature for Joomla. You will soon see, that Joomla is a presence on the Internet, that isn't leaving anytime soon.