Jigsaw – Advertise Your Business with the Jigsaw Social Networking Site

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What is Jigsaw?

Jigsaw is a social networking site with a twist. Each account on Jigsaw has business cards.The business cards are created when you create your account and then approved by the Jigsaw staff to reduce the potential for internet scams. Along with the business cards, more information is provided about the business in order to reach a more targeted audience before the customers come to you.

To get started, all you need to do is visit the sign and fill out the appropriate sign up information. Account approval will not take long, and though this may seem like a hassle to some, it is really a great feature because it protects both business owners and consumers. Each day, Jigsaw is becoming a more widely known and res[ected business directory.

How Can Jigsaw Benefit My Business?

Jigsaw can benefit your business because it will help you get exposure. Thousands of people visit the site everyday and your card will be listed in the searchable directory. The more information you provide when you create your account, the better your chances of being found are. Using Jigsaw may not create a huge surge in customers, but it will provide another free advertising outlet.

Is Jigsaw Free to Use?

It is free to create a Jigsaw account and business card. After the account and business card have been created and approved by the site admin, you can enter more information about your business and begin enjoying the benefits of a Jigsaw account. If you decide to do so, there are different premium plans with monthly and annual payment options, starting at $25. Each plan comes with additional features to help gain additional customer prospects for your business. It wouldn’t hurt your business to start out with a free account and see where it takes you before deciding whether or not to upgrade to a premium package.