What is BlogMarks?

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BlogMarks is a social bookmarking website. That means you can store your favorite bookmarks on the site for later use. Social Bookmarking allows you to access your favorite bookmarks from any computer. All you have to do is login to your account from any computer and access your favorite bookmarks.

However, there is a down side to BlogMarks. It appears BlogMarks is not a well-kept site. I tried to create my own account and it wouldn’t let me. When you try to create an account, it tells you to email them for a validation code. They want you to email them and tell them why they should let you join. Here is the catch, there is no way to email them. There is nowhere on the website to contact them. At the bottom of the site you will see a feedback link, but when you click the link, it goes nowhere.

I was looking at the blogs on their site that they provide and it appears they are not well kept. The blogs haven’t been updated since 2006. So, this is a social bookmarking website you may want to stay clear of. You can add BlogMarks to the do not attempt to use list.

Another downside to BlogMarks is the language. Though the site is in English, the majority of the links are not in English. So, it’s kind of hard to figure out what the links are.

BlogMarks seems to be a website that was quickly created with Google Ads slapped on it. It seems like someone was looking to get rich off of this site and it all backfired. So, now public registration has been disabled and there is no way to contact them.

There are many other social bookmarking sites you can use to store your bookmarks. You can do a search on Google for Social Bookmarking Sites and it will return with quite a bit of sites. This is pretty much the only site that I ran across that didn’t work or provide what it said it did.