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Using Sphinn: Social Website Dedicated to Internet Marketing

written by: •edited by: Linda Richter•updated: 2/22/2009

Sphinn is a great resource for anyone engaged in promoting websites or online content. It is a social website with a lively community and user voted stories and discussions are highlighted based on popularity. The focus is firmly on internet marketing and Sphinn also offers networking opportunities.

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    At first glance Sphinn is another Digg clone but on closer inspection you’ll see that this social website is dedicated to internet marketing news and it has a lively community. You can submit and vote on stories in a familiar way with the most popular hitting the front page but you can also start discussions and use the site to network with potentially useful contacts. You can even find events related to interactive marketing and for anyone looking to promote websites or online articles Sphinn is a useful resource.

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    Sphinn was founded by Third Door Media who are dedicated to educating and fostering communities engaged in interactive marketing. They own various websites in addition to Sphinn including Search Engine Land, Search Marketing Expo and Search Marketing Now. Their team has a wealth of knowledge and experience with search engines and internet marketing and you’ll find useful advice and information on their websites.

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    Signing Up

    Creating an account is completely free and the sign up process is quick and easy. Once you have signed up you can submit new articles, provided they are related to the categories on the site, which mostly cover search engines and internet marketing. You can add a small picture or avatar to your profile and various bits and pieces of contact information. People who submit popular content rise to the top of the network chart.

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    You can comment on other articles and engage in conversations which can also become popular on the site. If your topic is already covered then you can submit a link to your article within the comments conversation of the related content. This facet of the site is well developed and it is geared towards having an active community who share their opinions and highlight useful information which makes this a very useful resource.

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    The top Sphinn submitters who have highlighted content which became popular can be reviewed on the network tab and you can choose to stalk other users in order to get informed about the content they submit. If you submit good content yourself you will find that you get stalked and can build up an audience. If the stalk is reciprocated you become friends. The conversation system also allows you to contact people and start discussions on topics you want to gather opinions on. The events calendar takes it a step further and highlights events you may want to visit related to search marketing. This provides networking opportunities to meet people in person and attend various talks and workshops. Many of the events are also web casts which you can sign up for and some events are ticketed.

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    Why Sphinn?

    There is nothing special about the functionality on Sphinn compared to other social media websites. The hook and attraction of using Sphinn is the focus on internet marketing. Whether you are looking for advice on maximising search engine optimisation, how to link bait or the risks of paid links you’ll find useful, relevant and up to date information on Sphinn. You’ll also find lively and opinionated discussions which represent all sides of an argument and help you formulate your own strategy for promoting your websites or content.