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Tips for a Winning Portfolio

written by: Marce•edited by: Linda Richter•updated: 6/30/2011

Want to make your portfolio shine so that you will land more jobs? Read this article for some tips!

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    A portfolio will help you land the job that you want but not all portfolios will do the trick. You need one that highlights your talent in a clear, concise way so people know what they can expect from you. In this article, you will find tips for a winning portfolio that will impress your future clients.

    • Less is More

    Your first portfolio tip is remembering that your client does not need a book to read to know if you are right for the job. When creating a portfolio, refrain from putting together every piece of work you ever did. Potential clients and employers will not want to weed through all of your work nor do they have the time.

    • Provide Variety

    The next portfolio tip is to have a variety of different types of work you have done so the client/employer has an idea of all of your talent. If you only provide him/her with one type of work, the potential employer may not hire you thinking that you are incapable of completing the job needed.

    • Update Your Portfolio

    One of the most important portfolio tips is to update your portfolio. You don't want to give someone an idea of what your abilities were a year ago because chances are you have gained experience and are better at your craft.

    • Clients Matter

    If you have work you did for big name clients, include these in your portfolio. Your potential employer/client will be impressed and think that if you can work for that company/person you can surely work for them.

    • Gather Positive Feedback

    Gather some testimonials from past and current clients. People love to read what others have to say about you. Testimonials intrigue people and get them excited about you.

    • Put it Together Professionally

    If your presentation is attractive, the potential client will be more likely to read it and like what you have to offer. Whether you put your portfolio on the Internet or in binder form, you want it to shout professionalism. If you have your portfolio online, choose a reliable website or create your own site. For other portfolios, use quality paper and binders to showcase your work.

    • Leave it Open Ended

    To complete your portfolio, mention that you have other samples per request. This will invite people to ask you for work that better fits their project so you have a better chance at landing the job.

    A portfolio is a great way to exhibit your talents and work. However, not all portfolios will land you the job you want. This article provides you with portfolio tips that will impress your potential clients.