Finding Work with Project Bidding Sites

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How Project Bidding Sites Work

If you are in the web development or design field and you are looking for work, you can find that work by using project bidding sites. Many web developers make a lot of money off of these sites and the popularity of project bidding sites continues to grow throughout the years.

The way a project bidding site works is simple. A client enters the site and posts exactly what he needs to have done. Then, people simply bid how much they will charge to complete the tasks. Bids are usually in the form of cost per hour or a total amount covering the entire project.

Signing Up and Placing a Bid

To find work, the first step is to create an account at each of the major project bidding sites. These sites include, and Once you have accounts, you will be free to submit bids.

When submitting bids, there’s a lot you should consider. However, your main objective should be to make sure you are making a fair bid. Thoroughly read what the project entails, estimate how much time you believe it will take and calculate how much that time is worth to you. Bidding to low could force you to work at a lower rate than you wish, while bidding too high will make it all but certain that you will lose out on your bid.

Establishing a Reputation

When you first join a new project bidding site, you may have to take jobs for less money than usual so that you can build your reputation on that specific website. Taking small web design jobs and completing those jobs at a high level is a good way to gain a positive reputation.

It’s also important to include a sufficient and thought provoking explanation with each of your bids. Showing that you understand what the project entails and you know how to tackle the project goes a long way toward landing jobs at project bidding sites.