Tips for the Web Design Novice

If you have just started out designing your web site you may need some web design tips to help you make it user friendly to your visitors.

Web Design Tips: Making Your Site User Friendly

Many people believe that the more information they place on their web pages, the more powerful and useful it becomes to visitors. In some cases, this is true. However, if you place too much information in a small area, people will become frustrated with all of the reading they need to do and move on to another site. Read on to find out more web design tips you should know before making your web site live.

Simple and Easy Layout

As mentioned above, you don’t want to clutter your web pages because people don’t have the time to read a lot of information to find what they need. You must learn how to balance your web pages. Balancing your web pages means using images, forms, text, and white space. The balancing act is not having too much of any of these things on the web page.

Using a Homepage to Break Up Your Web Site

You homepage is probably the first web page you will design. Keep in mind that images draw people’s attention more than anything else you can place on a web page. Make sure you have a focal point on your page with the image and then place information on the side or around it.

The homepage is an overview of everything on your web site. You want to list the type of information you have on your web site on this page. You use links to point people to other web pages that are part of your web site for further information. That is if you have enough information for another page. If not, you can go ahead and place the information on the homepage but be careful of how much you put on it.

Using Subtitles on Web Pages

You have about 30 seconds to capture the interest of a visitor. Use subtitles whenever possible so someone can quickly scan the subtitles and find what they need. This means you need the subtitles to reflect exactly what you write underneath them.

The Benefits of Creating a Balanced Web Site

If you design your web site to accommodate your visitors’ interests, you will see the traffic to your site increase and notice that more people return to your site for additional information. Just think about how you like to search the Internet for information and use that knowledge to create a web site that others would enjoy coming to and find what they need.