How to Convert a Photoshop Layout to a Web Page

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Many people are intimidated when thinking about using Photoshop for web design because they are unsure on how to convert a Photoshop layout to a web page. There is no reason to be because if you know the basics of how to use Photoshop, you can create a web page. This article will help you do just this so you can have the freedom of using a program that will create a striking and powerful web site.

Converting a Photoshop Layout to a Web Page

The first thing you want to do when using Photoshop for web design is to make your homepage. The homepage features an overview of your site. By using layers on your new page, you can add text, images, and background images and text. Once you have created the page exactly how you would like it to appear on the web, you will need to slice it so you can make changes to it in the future.

The slice tool is necessary when making a page in Photoshop compatible with the web. The slice tool will take each section of your page and save it as its own section. Having separated sections will allow you to change the information or image in those sections much more easily.

If you want to attach a link to one of your images on the web page, all you have to do is double click on the slice select tool for the slice you want to link a web address. When you double click on the slice tool, you will see some options come up and you can go ahead and place the link in the appropriate field.

That’s it! You now have a web page in Photoshop ready for saving and uploading to the server.

How to Save Your Photoshop Layout as a Web Page

Part of converting a Photoshop layout to a web page is to save it so it is compatible with the web. Go to ‘file’ and choose ‘save for web’. The save box will appear and you need to either save your page along with slices as HTML or CSS. At this time, you can give each slice a name so you are able to find it easier when you go to update the site. Click on ‘save’ and then change the ‘save as type’ to HTML images.