How to Put Music on a WordPress Blog

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You can add music to your WordPress Blog with a few clicks of the mouse. You can add wav files, MP3 files, and midi files. You can upload the music files from your computer or you can link to them by entering a URL for the music file. This tutorial will show you how to put music on a WordPress Blog.

Login to your WordPress Admin Panel. Click the Write tab and then click the Posts link. The blog post will load and you can create a post as normal. Above the post editor you will see the Media section. Click the Music Note icon to open the Add Music properties window.

In the Music Properties window you will see the Choose File to Upload button. Click that button and locate the music file that you want to add. Click the file and click the open button. The music file will upload to WordPress. When the file has uploaded, you can add a title in the field below the file.

You can also upload a music file using a URL. Locate the file that you want to use and copy the URL for the music file. In the Music Properties window you will see the Audio File URL field. Paste the URL in this field. Then enter a title for the music file in the field below that.

When you have finished adding your music file, you can insert it into your post. Click the Insert into Post button at the bottom of the Music Properties window. You can now publish your post and view your post.

You can also add music to a WordPress Page. To do this, click the Write tab in your admin panel. Then click the Page link. Create a page as usual and place your mouse in the body. Click the Music Note icon and repeat the steps above.

The music file must be smaller than 2 megabytes. You will need to make sure that it is smaller before trying to upload the music file. If you try to upload a music file that is larger than 2 megabytes, you will get an error telling you that the music file cannot exceed 2 megabytes.