Use Joomla to Improve Your Content Management

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What Is Joomla?

Joomla! is a great content management system (cms) that is loaded with a lot of features, yet does not have a large learning curve. It is based on the familiar PHP scripting language and utilizes MySQL automatically so you can feel comfortable and secure when using Joomla! as your content management system. A CMS helps you to manage all of the content on your web site including text, graphics, photos, and more. Because Joomla! is also an open sourced program which makes it available for free to web developers it is available with many hosting packages on the market today so you can easily integrate Joomla! with your web site as you build it. Because it is so versatile, you will find that Joomla! is used by businesses, government sites, universities, and web sites of every shape and size.

Features of Joomla!

  • Joomla! allows you to easily edit and manage various components of your web site including a news or content section as well features for a services of products section of your site.

  • You can easily add and manage topics which can also be edited by web site members that you designate as contributing authors for your web site.

  • The layouts that you use for Joomla! are fully customizable so you can match the feel and design of any web site.

  • With Joomla! you can create a community or get immediate feedback from your visitors utilizing a variety of features including forums, polls, quizzes, and voting booths.

  • Joomla! will run on a variety of operating systems including MacOSX, Linux, and Solaris.

  • You can even use Joomla! to help you make more money from your web site with the banner management ability, which can help you manage ad space or affiliate programs.


Among the many basic features of Joomla!, there are also hundreds of plug-ins, modules, and components available to help you get even more out of this open source program. The components allow users to perform tasks such as creating communities and backing up their web sites. The available modules allow you to add on any number of features such as calendars. And the hundreds of plug-in available offer everything from article slide shows, ad management, core enhancements, communication features, and site management tools.

Joomla! can be just about anything that you want it to be by mixing and matching the features, customization, and numerous plug-ins you can use Joomla! in just about anyway that your creative mind can think of helping you to take your site to the next level. With tons of community support available, Joomla! can be a great choice for web developers.