Online Newsletter Marketing: Boosting Website Traffic & Promoting Your Business

Online Newsletter Marketing: Boosting Website Traffic & Promoting Your Business
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Online newsletters are a cost-effective way to attract visitors to your website and to popularize content. E-mail marketing is equally effective for ecommerce websites and traditional ones that focus on content.

Newsletter marketing needs to follow certain rules in order to be effective and to produce the results that you expect. The creation of a simple newsletter template could be more difficult than you actually expect.

To benefit from an online marketing campaign using newsletters, you can follow these basic steps that will make the process simpler and more readily understandable.

Step 1: Make Subscription Easy

For a successful newsletter marketing campaign you will need a large number of subscribers.

People will subscribe for a newsletter solely if the process is simplified and quick. Adding a visible subscription button to the homepage is the first step. You should also refrain from demanding too much information in the subscription form.

What matters is obtaining the basic information that you need – the name of the subscriber, e-mail, location and age. These pieces of information will let you come up with a basic reader profile.

Before launching the newsletter, get the subscription system tested thoroughly. Make sure that it functions impeccably and that all people will be capable of completing the process. If subscription is complex and demanding, people are very likely to give up.

Step 2: Choosing the Right Design

To boost website traffic and to promote your business using a newsletter, you will have to select the right design.

Pick something that resembles your website and that establishes visual connection. Pick the same color scheme and fonts. People are likely to remember your website if the newsletter looks just like it.

Find the balance between visuals and text. The newsletter should remain plain and easy to navigate. Designs that are too ornate and containing many bits of information are likely to get readers confused rather than enthusiastic.

Step 3: Choosing the Right Content

Newsletter marketing will be effective if you select the right pieces of web content to include in it. Find something that will appeal to people and that will make them click the links included in the newsletter.

The latest additions to the website or the most popular articles will fit perfectly into the newsletter. The same applies to the newest or the discounted products of an ecommerce website.

Choose several pieces and use visuals to get the message across. Include only an introduction and get readers clicking the ‘read more’ link to explore content on your website.

Step 4: Make It Functional and Easy to Use

An effective newsletter should be easy to scroll through. It has to appear rich without being exceptionally long and overwhelming.

Make sure that all of the links function impeccably. People will be annoyed if they want to find out something more but are incapable of accessing your website.

Add an easy to use ‘unsubscribe’ option. Even if people are devoted, they may get tired with your newsletter. They should be capable of unsubscribing without having to search for the right link and option.

All functionalities should be tested and working. Keep it simple. A newsletter that is easy to use will be more effective than a complex bulletin that has numerous complicated interactive opportunities.

The right balance between design and text will help you create the perfect online newsletter marketing campaign. It will result in instant traffic increase. E-mail marketing can be very useful, especially if it is combined with other promotional strategies. The budget and effort needed for the creation of a bulletin are insignificant in comparison to the positive results connected to it.

Source: The author’s web marketing experience

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