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Four Best Practices for Corporate Leader Blogs

written by: Tess C. Taylor, HR Expert•edited by: Jean Scheid•updated: 3/13/2011

Blogging has become a popular way for corporate leaders to communicate with more people at all levels of an organization. Here, we take a look at some of the best practices for corporate leader blogs with some insider secrets!

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    Corporate Blogs There are several best practices for corporate leader blogs, which can inspire employees to aim for bigger and better goals collectively. A leader who is in touch with his subordinates knows how to communicate effectively with the entire team. In recent times, blogging has emerged as a great tool for keeping the lines of communication open with all levels of personnel.

    The very act of sharing in a public blog puts a human face to the objectives set forth for an organization, a benefit that many employees appreciate. However, when a CEO blogs and puts organizational and personal information online, it should be with regards to a certain level of responsibility to the entire organization. Here are some best practices for handling corporate leader blogs successfully.

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    1. Share Information That Inspires Others

    Instead of just talking about the ho-hums of daily life as a leader, create an encouraging corporate environment for all who may be reading the blog. Share positive information about the company and any recent events that may have an impact on employees. This can be a good place to share favorite quotes and then elaborate on them with current objectives or personal goals that are underway.

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    2. Temper Information with Responsibility

    As a corporate leader, it is easy to get carried away with giving information and advice to others through a blog. After all, a blog should be a personal place to share one’s innermost thoughts. However, as a corporate leader, it is important to divulge only the type of information that should be released to the general public. While initially, it may just be company personnel reading the blog, best blog practices of corporate leader blogs take into account that once the information is published online, it becomes public information for all to see and use as they choose.

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    3. Reveal True Emotions and Concern in the Corporate Blog

    Blogging at the corporate level means connecting with readers through building genuine relationships with others online. While it is easy for a corporate leader to become somewhat detached at the office, it can be disastrous to come across as cold on a blog. As the narrator of a corporate blog, a leader can inspire those at all levels of the organization by revealing the true nature of his or her personality. This means expressing in words real emotions and concern for those who may be reading the corporate blog.

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    4. Invite Readers to Comment and Take Action

    The best practices for corporate leader blogs also takes into account the need to invite readers to leave comments, suggestions and take action toward positive company goals. Leaders should regularly ask readers to share their thoughts by leaving comments at the end of posts or contacting leaders directly. There are a great number of creative minds available at all levels of an organization, and a great corporate leader knows how and when to tap into this resource.

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