Web Designer Software You Don't Have to Pay For

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A variety of free website design software has become available, allowing the average computer user to create their own home page for nothing and project themselves, their talents, or their products and services to a wider audience.

Most of these packages come as quick downloads and with full installation instructions that are easy to follow and many come with support, too. You will need to make sure, generally, that your PC runs on Windows XP for best effect. Many of the packages are compatible with Linux, too.

Webplus SE

One such is Webplus SE, a website publishing package that allows the casual user to create a website with up to ten pages, and features such useful facilities as an automatic navigation bar. Available as a quick download, and with simple installation and publishing facilities, this package is popular among the home user thanks to its ease of use.

WordPress – a well-known name

Among the better known and more trustworthy and recommended, website packages is the completely free ‘WordPress’, a software package that is widely used for people who wish to host blogs.

Blogging has become a key factor in internet life these days, and WordPress has achieved such popularity that there is copious information available for users and an easy to follow guide to installing and using it on the official website which is easily understood by complete beginners.


BlueVoda is another completely free software download that promises an easy way to build and install a website, insisting that one will be up and running in less than half an hour after downloading the package.

There are also companies on the net who will help you design your own website, and host it very cheaply. Some of these come with free trials initially and very low monthly payments. Some examples are available at Homestead.com, and Vistaprint.com and while not completely cost free they do offer a wider variety of features than many of the free packages.

Of course, these are just a few of the alternatives that can be found with a quick web search. There are packages available that are aimed at beginners and others that are directed towards the more experienced web site designers. Likewise, there are those intended for the home user, and those intended for even the biggest of businesses.