Prevent Online Fraud

Each and every year thousands of dollars are wasted because of online fraud. So it is quite useful to know how to prevent online fraud and assure your online safety. Here are some of the best tips to avoid becoming a victim of online fraud and scams.

Install Updated Antivirus Software

One important step preventing online fraud is to install good antivirus software on your personal computer. AVG, Kaspersky, and Norton are among the best in the business today. Make sure you have downloaded the latest virus definitions and program updates for your antivirus software. Otherwise it is almost useless even if you have the best antivirus in the world. Also consider buying a good antispyware like Spyware Doctor or AdAware to further ensure your safety from online hackers.

Use a Safe Browser for Surfing the Internet

This is one of the best way to assure your safety if you frequently make online transactions. Mozilla Firefox is one of the best web browsers in terms of security and speed. This is an important initial step to prevent online fraud. There are many online scammers who will try to steal your sensitive data like credit card numbers and login information through the browser. If you use a safe web browser with the latest updates, you have a good chance keeping your data from such scammers.

Change Your Login Frequently

If you change your passwords for websites like PayPal accounts, credit card accounts, etc., then it will be difficult for online scammers to steal your money and sensitive data. So it is a good habit to change your login information at least once every three months. If you think it is difficult to remember all your passwords for each website, you can use “Roboform” software for this purpose. It is an easy and safe tool to remember all your online login information and further increases your online safety from online scammers and frauds.

Never Reply to Suspicious Emails

Sometimes you may receive emails asking to change your PayPal login information or something similar. These are definitely from scammers who try to get your PayPal login data and steal your money. Never reply to such emails and immediately delete them, marking them as spam. It is another important step to prevent online fraud and ensure your safety.

Choose Your Online Transactions Wisely

There are lot of online scammers in popular online auction websites like eBay, and on Amazon Marketplace. You have to use them wisely to prevent online fraud. When you buy or sell something in these websites do comprehensive research about the dealer. Check whether his reputation is high and there are no negative reviews about him. Never give them your credit card details when they ask such information. They might be scammers who try to steal your money. Make your transactions through the website. PayPal is a good and safe option for such transactions.

Beware of Fraudulent Websites

When you buy a product or a service it is always a wise decision to make a quick search about the particular product or the service. The best way to do this is to search Google using the term “product-name scam” or “product-name reviews”. Then you can check whether it is a good product or something useless to buy. This is a very easy step that you can follow to avoid becoming a victim of online fraud.

Preventing online fraud is very easy if you use your instincts. It is up to you to decide whether you become a victim or not. So take initial security measures first and stay online wisely. Then it is very hard for online scammers and fraudulent websites to hurt you.