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The Best Blogger Twitter Widgets

written by: •edited by: J. F. Amprimoz•updated: 8/25/2010

Adding Twitter widgets to a blog is a wise choice, because Twitter is an excellent way to promote your work. Plus, It will make your blog look cooler.This article will list what I consider to be the best 5 Blogger Twitter widgets.

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    In order to set up these gadgets, you will need to go to the "Design" page of your blog's dashboard.

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    TweetMeme Retweet

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    TweetMeme is my favorite Blogger Twitter widget, in fact, I think every blog should have one of these. It will allow people to retweet your blog or article. This means, that each time a person clicks on "retweet," anyone following that person will be able to see the link to your blog, and this will increase your Traffic. retweets 

    When I first used this gadget, I was the first person to tweet my post, then my friends saw it and checked it out. Consequently, they re-tweeted my post and their friends saw it. Eventually, my posts had lots of tweets and viewers.

    This Blogger Gadget is very easy to set up. Just click on "Add Gadget" and type "TweetMeme" in the search box. When you see the gadget, click on the "+" symbol on the right side of the gadget and then you must choose a title for it, determine its height and enter your Twitter user-name, among other settings. Then, click on "Save" and it's done.

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    Twitter Follow me Button

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    This is a very useful button that will be displayed on your blog as shown below. When somebody clicks on it, the person will be taken to your Twitter profile page, where he will be able to follow you. Twitter Follow me Button is a great way to connect to your readers and encourage them to come back to your blog. There are 135 styles to choose from.Follow me Button 

    Thanks to this gadget many of my readers became my followers. Every time I tweet a new post, many of them come back to my blog to read the content.

    To set up this gadget just click on "Add gadget," and type "Twitter Follow me Button" in the search bar. Once the gadget is visible, add it by clicking on the "+" symbol. Then, enter you Twitter username and choose your preferred style. After that, click on "Save." Now you should be able to view it on your blog.

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    Twitter Updates 2.2.1.

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    If you would like your readers to be up to date with your tweets, then this gadget is perfect for your blog. Twitter Updates 2.2.1. will allow you to display your recent tweets on your blog as shown below. It will also display a "Follow me" link, so that your readers can become your followers.

    Twitter Updates Since I have more than 1 blog, my Twitter updates have links to all my posts. By displaying my Twitter updates on any of my blogs , I have been able get the readers from blog #1 to check my latest posts of blog #2 and vice versa.

    To set up this gadget, click on "Add gadget," and type "Twitter Updates 2.2.1." in the search bar. Once you see the gadget, click on the "+" symbol to add it, and after that, choose the height you wish the gadget to have, enter your Twitter username and the number of display tweets. Then click on "Save."

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    Twitter Search is a tool that allows you to search for the latest tweets on topics or users that you choose, as shown below. This means that your readers will be able to check the latest tweets on whatever they like directly from your blog.

    Twitter Search 

    When I placed this widget on my blog, I used it many times myself. I set it up to show my own tweets and whenever a person came to my blog, those were the tweets that it displayed so it helped me to promote my other posts. Of course, the reader can still search for the latest tweets on topics he prefers.

    To set up this widget, click on "Add gadget," and type "Twitter Search" in the search bar. After that, click on the "+" symbol to add it. Then, choose its title and height, and click on "Save."

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    Twitter Submitter

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    Twitter Submitter will allow you and your readers to post Twitter updates directly from your blog. I think it is a fantastic widget; however you might want to consider the fact that your readers might think you're trying to steal their Twitter login details. Twitter Submitter 

    I personally use this widget to post tweets when I visit my own blogs. It's an easy and quick way to do it.

    To set up this widget, click on "Add gadget", and type "Twitter Submitter" on the search box. Once you see the widget, click on the "+" symbol to add it. After that, choose its title and height, and click on "Save."

    You may now start using the gadget.