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Adding Google Wave Robots

written by: Balachandar Radhakrishnan•edited by: J. F. Amprimoz•updated: 6/27/2011

Do more with Google Wave. Use the power of Google Wave Robots to automatically perform several interesting things with your data! Automatically link to Twitter profiles, pull up book cover info from ISBN codes, and much much more. Read on to learn how to add Google Wave Robots.

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    Google Wave

    Google wave is a real-time collaboration platform that allows people to share ideas and work together with images,video and audio. Although Google Wave hasn't taken off in a big way among the general user, academic institutes, the technology aware, and internet savvy users are taking great advantage of this wonderful tool. Given the real-time collaboration capabilities introduced by Google Wave, most brainstorming and planning sessions now have several participants adding and removing information from a wave. This can create a sense of information overload or information glut! Dealing with data and discussions that evolve so quickly requires automated agents that can interact with the data and help you make sense, or simplify it for easy and quick understanding. At times you might have to make use of these agents to modify or change the data itself, since a manual approach will never be able to keep up with the pool of users contributing to the discussion. The Complete Google Wave Guide is a nice place to start your journey with Google Wave.

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    How to add Google Wave Robots

    Enter Bots, or more commonly called, software robots! These are software agents that carry out a specific task which they are programmed to perform. Given that Google Wave is designed as a Open Source project, you can code your own bot (provided you have programming skills of course) to carry out repetitive tasks or other changes that you want done on a given wave document. For example, when a participant refers to a particular person via his/her twitter ID, wouldn't it be great if you could immediately click on it and automatically go to the mentioned individual's Twitter profile page? With the power of Google Wave Robots, you can do just that and more.

    add bot So you're wondering how to add Google Wave Robots? Adding bots to a Google Wave document is easy. First you need to know the Robot and robot-name that you would like to add to your document. You must then create a contact out of that bot, by clicking the add contact button and entering in the bot address.

    This is the first step of bringing in robots into wave discussions. You can have any number of Wave Robots included in your contact list, and when required, they can be added to a new wave or pre-existing wave to perform the tasks that they are designed for. Adding robots to your contact list does not slow down or in any way hamper the performance of Wave web application.

    Once the required Google wave robots have been added to your contact list, you have to specifically add the required robots to your wave document. This is done in a similar way that you would add a new participant from your contact list. Start typing in the name of the robot into the add wave participant dialog box, and the auto-suggest should pickup your bot easily.

    wave robot wave robot in session As you can see from the above photo, I have called up the twitusernames in Google Wave Robot (converts mentions of the Twitter handles into hyperlinks to the particular Twitter user's profile page) which has created a hyperlink out of the twitter username or handle that I included in the document. This is just one example. There are several Google Wave Robots that can do even more interesting things with the data in your Wave document. If you're looking for some suggestions, check out this article on top Google Wave Robots.