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Google News How-To Guide

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Aaron R.•updated: 6/27/2011

Google’s News Service allows you to get news that is tailored to your specific interests. It allows you to create news sections from your searches and then mix these up with standard sections from Google news portal. Here we discuss how you can personalize Google News to suit your specific needs.

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    Tweaking your Browser Settings

    To enable personalization of Google News you must make sure that JavaScript is turned on in your browser. Your browser must also be up-to-date, that is version 0.8 or newer for Mozilla Firefox, IE 6 or newer, Safari 1.2.2 or newer, Opera 7.54 or newer and Google Chrome. Enabling cookies on your browser is also required.

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    Creating Personalized Google News Page

    The first thing you need to do to personalize your Google News experience is of course to create a personalized news page. You simply click Create personalized page from the main Google News portal and you are set to go.

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    How to Add a Local Section to Google News

    This feature is currently available in the English language editions of Google News. To add Local News section to Google News click Edit personalized page from the Google News portal. Then select add a local section, and then enter the city, state or zip of specific location that you want to create Local Section for. Then select the number of local stories you want to add and finally, click add section.

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    How to Add Standard Section to Google News

    After creating your Local Section, you can then proceed with adding standard section your personalize news page. To do this, simply select Edit this personalized page, and then click on add standard section. From the drop-down menu, you simply select the regional edition of the news items that you want to add, and then choose the standard section that you want to add and then click add section.

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    How to Add Custom Section to Google News

    Google News also allows you to add custom section. This section is derived from specific keywords you use when searching at Google News. To add this section, simply click Add a custom section. Then enter the keywords that you like to use in creating your custom section. Next, click Advanced link, select language from the drop-down men, select the number of stories you want to display and then that’s it.

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    How to Get News from One Specific Source

    You can also add a custom section that contains news items from specific news source. To do this, simply create a custom section and then enter site: followed by the domain of the site you want to get news items from. Then click Search News. When Google News displays the search results, simply click on the link that says – add a custom section to your personalized Google news page. Then wait until the the next update of the news service to view updates from the news source you specified.

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    How to Rearrange your Google News Page

    To personalize your Google news page further, you can rearrange sections on your Google News page. You simply select Edit this personalized page, and then drag-and-drop sections to rearrange how they are displayed.