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How To Take Advantage of Google's Traffic Estimator

written by: Nicholas•edited by: Misty Faucheux•updated: 12/15/2008

Sometimes getting more traffic to your blog or Web site seems like a difficult task. It is often a confusing process. And, although you think that you are doing everything right, the amount of visitors to your Web site just won't increase. Google Traffic Estimator offers a free solution.

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    Traffic Estimator

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    Google Traffic Estimator is one among many of the great tools Google offers to its' users. Google Traffic Estimator is a Web site that gives users the ability to see predictions Google has made for the amount of traffic that will be incoming in the future. Having this knowledge can be a great benefit to anyone that wants to make their Web site or blog more search engine friendly in the future.

    To use Traffic Estimator, you will want to navigate to the Google Traffic Estimator Web site, which you can find <a href="">here.</a>

    After the Web site loads, you will see a text box at the very top. You will want to type in any keywords that relate to your Web site in this box. You can type in numerous keywords by placing them on different lines. You can also narrow your search by placing different marks around your keywords. If you place quotation marks around the keywords, Google Traffic Estimator will search for your exact keyword phrase. If you place brackets around the keywords, Google Traffic Estimator will search for exact terms only. Finally, if you place a dash before your keywords, Google will bring back terms that do not match your keyword exactly.

    After you fill out the textbox with your keywords, you will want to select your currency. There are a vast number or currencies available for worldwide users; however, the default is automatically set to U.S. dollars.

    Next, it will give you the option to select a language. There are also a vast number of languages available. Leave it blank to keep it as English default.

    The final step is to select your country, then click continue. You should now be on the results screen. Here, you will find the information that you have been looking for. You will see the estimated average cost per click amount, estimated ad positions available, estimated clicks/day and estimated cost/day. These numbers are very useful because they allow you to view the amount an advertiser must pay to buy the keyword you typed in. Also, it shows you how many listings there are for that particular keyword in Google.

    By efficiently experimenting with different keywords, you can easily find out what to base your content on. This will greatly increase your chances of targeting specific campaigns to drive more traffic to your Web site or blog. This is by far one of the most useful tools Google has ever released to the public.