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Creating and Managing Contact Groups in Gmail

written by: rfreshour•edited by: J. F. Amprimoz•updated: 9/17/2008

Article two of the Managing Contacts series shows you how to create, edit and delete contact groups.

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    Gmail allows you to create Contact Groups, meaning there can be several contacts linked together and email sent to them as one group, instead of having to send email to each individual contact. For example, if the user is an employer and has a newsletter or update that needs to be sent to the employees in a certain section of the company, they can be grouped together as a Contact Group and the email sent to all of them.

    Creating and managing contact groups in Gmail can be accomplished by using the following steps;

    Create Contact Groups

    1. Click on Contacts.

    2. At the top-left corner of the Contact Manager, click on New Group.

    3. Enter the desired name for the new Contact Group.

    4. Click on OK.

    Adding Contacts to a Contact Group

    There are two ways that contacts can be added to a Contact Group;

    1. Select the contact to be added from the Contacts List.

    2. Open the Groups drop-down menu.

    3. Under Add to, select the Group that the contact should be added to.


    1. Select the Group that the desired contact needs to be added to.

    2. Enter the contact’s name or email address in the Add this contact to group box at the bottom of the contact list.

    Removing Contacts from a Contact Group

    If there comes a time when a contact needs to be removed from a Contact Group, it is simple to do. Once the contact is removed from the group, the contact will still remain in the user’s contact list.

    1. Select the contact to be removed from the Contact list.

    2. Open the Groups drop-down menu.

    3. Under Remove from contact group, select the Group the contact should be removed from. This will remove the contact from that Group.

    Deleting an Entire Contact Group

    If there is no longer the need for a certain Contact Group, it can be deleted in its entirety. Again, this will delete the Contact Group only. The contacts will remain in the user’s Contact list.

    1. Click on Contacts.

    2. Select the Group to be deleted for the Groups list.

    3. Click on Delete Group.

    4. Click OK. The group is now deleted and will have to be recreated if there is a future need for the same group.

    Sending mail to a Contact Group will be the next article in the Managing Contacts series.


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