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How to Create and Craft Emails in Gmail

written by: rfreshour•edited by: J. F. Amprimoz•updated: 2/10/2010

With so many options available to the user, such as font style, font size and font color, creating mail in Gmail is not only only easy but can also be fun.

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    Creating and Customizing an Email in Gmail

    Gmail offers many different options for the appearance of email, allowing the user to personalize it with different fonts, colors, highlights or signatures. Most of these options are available to the user as they are typing their email to be sent. Some of them, such as the signature, will have to be accessed through the settings menu. Read this article on personalizing your settings in Gmail to find out how to change them.

    Creating mail in Gmail is simple. Just follow the steps below;

    1. Sign into your Gmail account at

    2. Click on Compose Mail in the top left corner of the page.

    3. Type in the email address of the person you would like to send the email to in the To: box. Google will automatically start pulling up email addresses by the letters you type in. If you have emailed this person before, simply click on the email address when it pops up to insert it. To Add a Cc or Bcc, simply click on the correct link and insert the other email addresses you would like it sent to.

    4. Enter the subject of the email. If you have an attachment that needs to go with the email, click on the Attach a file link to browse and find the file you would like to attach. You also have the option to add an event invitation. If you would like to do this, click on the event invitation link and enter the necessary information.

    5. Writing the body of the email is the next step. Notice that there is a tool bar located about mid-way down the page, above where the body of the email is located. This tool bar gives you many options, such as font, text size, text color, alignment and more. You can move your pointer device over these options to find out what they are and click on them to change the settings. Once the options have been chosen, simply begin typing your email. (*Note* Gmail has an auto save function that will automatically save your email every few minutes. If you need to exit out of the email you are typing, this will allow you to access the email again at a later time.)

    6. Once the email is written, there is a Check Spelling option at the upper right hand corner of the body of the email. Click on this to check the spelling in the email.

    7. To send the email, scroll to the bottom of the page. The following options will be available; send, saved and discard. If the auto save function has saved the email, you will not be able to click on the saved button. To send the email, click send. To discard the email, click discard.

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    Compose mail screen in gmail