Why are Clouded Leopards Endangered? Learn the Environmental Threats to the Species

Clouded Leopard

Clouded leopards call the lands of Southeast Asia home. Unfortunately, their homelands have become harmful to their very survival. Their environment has caused their population to suffer due to mankind has. These issues have caused a significant decrease in the clouded leopard population, leaving them on the endangered species list. Conservation attempts are underway to reestablish the leopard population and remove them from the endangered species list .

Destruction of Habitat

The question is often asked, why are clouded leopards endangered? One answer to this question is the fact that the clouded leopard’s natural environment is being harmed. The regions they call home are decreasing as logging companies remove many of the trees from their natural habitat. The development of numerous agricultural areas has also caused their habitat to diminish. It is becoming increasingly difficult for these leopards to find a sufficient place to survive.

Logging companies often remove trees from the clouded leopard’s natural habitat. This is an illegal practice that is done to collect aloe wood. The fragrance produced from the wood is collected and sold to a wide variety of markets. The workers that collect the fragrance live off of the land. This causes them to hunt and displace many forms of wildlife, including the clouded leopards.


Hunting has played a large role in the rapid decrease of the leopard population. Clouded leopards are hunted as game for their skins. These leopards are also hunted by commercial hunters that want the leopard’s skin, bones, and meat. Clouded leopards are hunted to be captured and sold to illegal wildlife traders. Hunting has had a devastating impact on the clouded leopard population.

Conservation Projects

The exact numbers of the clouded leopard population remains unknown; however, they are still placed on the endangered species list. One attempt to increase the population of these leopards is to stop deforestation in the areas the cats call home. Poaching laws have been put in place to stop illegal hunting of these animals.

Many countries have begun conservation projects to increase the population of these beautiful cats. Clouded leopards in captivity are bred to try and increase their population numbers. With these efforts in place, it is hoped that someday the clouded leopards can reestablish a plentiful population and be removed from the endangered species list.


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