Compulsive Shopping Harms the Earth

Compulsive Shopping Harms the Earth
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Compulsive Shopping Hurts the Environment

When a person buys things that they don’t really need, there is a greater tendency towards waste. Things that aren’t needed have a way of ending up in the trash, because, at some point the person who bought them realizes that they don’t need the item. Items that end up in the trash ultimately end up in landfills, which are a detriment to our environment.

Wasting Resources

Compulsive shopping is also damaging to the environment in other ways. When the items that are being purchased were originally manufactured, valuable resources were used to make them. Books require paper and ink, plastic items require the consumption of petroleum products in order to produce them, and of course for every leather item, there was an animal which used to wear that skin. None of these things are good for the environment, especially when done to excess. Our planet has a finite number of resources, and a finite ability to allow us to dispose of trash, before we really start causing problems. If everybody is using more items than they need, then we are using these resources at a much faster rate than we need to. We all need to realize that we should only be consuming the things that we really need, instead of allowing compulsive shopping to dictate our buying habits.

It will Become Trash

If you stop and think about it, for every item that is bought compulsively, without the purchaser really needing it, we are causing a number of problems. First, the resources required to manufacture the item have been consumed. Second, many manufacturing processes require chemicals and other hazardous materials, none of which are good for the environment. Shipping all these products also consumes fuel, which is a finite resource. And finally, if the item wasn’t needed in the first place, there is a good chance it will end up in the trash before long, helping to clog our already overflowing landfills, not to mention the fuel required to pick up the trashed item, and transport it to the landfill.


So as you can see, the damaged caused by compulsive shopping certainly doesn’t stop with the damage it does to the shopper’s budget. Excessive purchasing habits can cause some real damage to the environment as well, which in the end, hurts us all.