How Can Change in Climate Cause Extinction? Read on to Learn About What Scientists Call Extinction Risks of Climate Change

When you hear someone using the word
extinction, it likely brings some apprehension and uncertainty to mind.
According to scientists and researchers that study the effects of our changing
climates, there is reason to be concerned. The term that has been used to
describe the risk of species being eventually extinct because of the adverse
changes in climate is “extinction risks of climate change”. This has become a
growing concern as the atmospheric levels change and our climate conditions are
shifting. Conditions like global warming are a factor in the changing climate.

Recent findings have shown that the greater
the increase of global warming, the greater increase of risk for the extinction
of species. When the global temperature continues to rise, so does the number
of species that are at risk. Some studies have indicated that between fifteen
and thirty-seven percent of animal and plant species could be headed for
extinction by the year 2050. This assumption is alarming to the population in

There have been numerous changes in the
distribution and number of species that have been affected in potential
extinction. By using certain projections of a species risk due to adverse
potential climate changes in the future, it is possible to assess the
extinction risks for other species in sample regions spanning around twenty
percent of the surface of the earth. By exploring approaches like these,
scientists have projected significant extinction increases of different species
in the next forty to forty-five years.

The frightening truth behind all of this is
that there is not a simple answer or fix for the situation. In order to reduce
the risk of extinction of species, we need to address the problems and
situations that cause it. Global warming, biodiversity and destruction of our
rain forests are just some of the growing epidemics that are causing to the
destruction of the atmosphere of the earth and that are responsible for the
changes in climate.

Global warming plays a big role in
atmospheric conditions and has a big effect on the increase of change in our
climate conditions. We need to continue to do what we can to fight global
warming and other dangers to the environment in order to preserve the earth and
the life that relies on it.