Frogs Are Disappearing at an Alarming Rate: This Biodiversity Loss Fortells a Dire Prediction of World Eco-Systems

Frogs Are Disappearing at an Alarming Rate: This Biodiversity Loss Fortells a Dire Prediction of World Eco-Systems
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Why Worry About Frogs?

Frogs have often been looked to as a living indicator of Eco-system health and change around the world because they are often the first of a species to show signs of environmental problems whether it be mutations caused by radioactive exposure or other pollution, or a decline in populations which foretell a gloomy prediction for the health and stability of a particular bioregion. So now many scientists and conservationist are quite concerned with the fact that over a third of the world’s frog population is on the verge of extinction.

The Numbers:

There are roughly around 6,000 species of amphibians that can be found around the world in nearly every type of habitat imaginable. Out of these 6,000 or so, over 2,000 of these species are facing an impending mass die off and will become extinct. This alarming fact is of great concern for many in the fields of environmentalism, conservation, and other biological sciences because it is not only a massive loss of much needed biodiversity, but it is also an indicator that nearly every habitat on earth are seeing signs of instability in the face of crippling environmental problems.

The Causes:

Primary Causes for the sharp and drastic drop off in frog populations are issues related to global warming, water shortages caused by unsustainable and poorly managed agricultural irrigation systems and droughts, and other related diseases.

Possible Solutions:

As with many of the environmental problems that we are facing, we need concrete and major changes to the way we live, work, and produce. Current efforts to help save some of the precious genetic biodiversity of the amphibian populations are underway known as the Amphibian Ark project. With leading naturalist and environmental figures such as Jane Goodall and David Attenborough working to save the frogs, the project aims to ship a handful of remaining frogs into biosecure environments at zoos and botanical gardens around the world to insure a safe breeding grounds for the frogs.

The Future:

Even with great success, this project would be only a small and hallow victory in the face of the current Environmental crisis. The threats to the vulnerable habitats that have caused the frog die offs still remain and will produce even more disasters in the coming future if we do not heed this warning and start making significant changes that can pave a possible future for a healthy planet.