Can You Build Your Own Magnetic Generator? Should You Buy the Online Book?
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Building a Magnetic Generator: Is This Possible?

written by: Asheesh•edited by: Lamar Stonecypher•updated: 8/12/2013

Can a magnetic generator power my house? This a common question for people who learn about these devices and who want substantial savings on their electrical bills. However, the real question is about whether these devices are real or just a gimmick.

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    Editor's Note: This article was written in 2010 in reference to books or manuals for sale online that claim to teach you how to build a magnetic generator. Though building such a generator may be possible, the points risen in this article are in reference to online scams that make money by selling the information and reflect the author's opinion at that time.

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    There are some companies on the web who are selling a book with instructions about how to construct a magnetic generator that supposedly derives power automatically from the principles of magnetic repulsion. They claim that a generator can be easily constructed and that the generator is a perpetual motion machine that can generate electricity free of cost forever.

    However, there are many facts of physics and practical engineering that indicate that the magnetic generator is a scam.

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    Technical Problems

    Magnetic Generator Scam 

    A magnetic generator can only work "when it is charged up by driving the main shaft at 2100 rpm for 42 seconds." Although not stated in the documentation, obviously an external source of power must be needed to provide this initial "spin."

    All generators need some external energy source in order to start, and then they work in converting one form of energy (rotational) to another (electricity). Traditional energy sources are the kinetic energy of flowing water (hydropower) and fossil fuels (coal and natural gas). Newer sources are solar, wind, and geothermal.

    However, magnetic generator proponents suggest that no external energy source is required. Instead these devices use "Earth's pressure flow," whatever that is.

    Another problem with machines of this type - proposed perpetual motion - is that of frictional force, which always tends to reduce the speed of a rotating motor- or any other rotating machine. Most motors and generators have fans for cooling. The drag against air flow is another form of friction that has to be overcome.

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    Other Common Reasons

    • The entire world is looking for an efficient source of renewable energy. If a machine were created that really did not require any other energy source than magnetic repulsion in order to generate electricity, it would be the biggest breaking news story in the world. Scientists would confirm it, embrace it, and start developing instruments and devices based on the technology. An entire industry would spring up to support and monetize it.
    • When the technology is proven, the inventors will also become famous, probably overnight. However, current proponents of magnetic generators are not appearing in public interviews or news stories in any medium.
    • Video tutorials and convincing demonstrations on YouTube have not been provided. Instead, one company provides only a booklet of nearly 57 pages. (It is like a dream for a common person to construct a generator only from the guidance of this book.)
    • No company has not yet come forward to use this technology to construct magnetic generators for people who could not construct one. In fact, the companies providing this technology are claiming that the cost of a magnetic generator will be $200 to $250. If the product were real, these companies could make more money by constructing and selling the devices themselves, not to mention the profits they could make from licensing the technology to other companies.
    • Companies providing guidance for magnetic generators are also claiming that they offer refunds in case the magnetic generator does not work for the end user, but this refund is not always easy to obtain.
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    Many people are attracted to concepts that offer "something for nothing," and the magnetic generator is no exception. Ideas about perpetual motion have been around for hundreds of years and reappear with some frequency.

    Don't be taken in. Before you invest in one of these devices, remember that although many have tried, no one we know of has yet been able to construct a machine that could work as perpetual motion machine of any kind. Nobody has ever demonstrated a machine that ran on coriolis effect, zero point energy, or the earth's pressure flow.

    Many people may fall for this scam because of the appealing, but untrue advantages shown by these companies in their websites. Notify the Federal Trade Commission when you get scammed by these companies. This organization is the nation’s consumer protection agency and is responsible for collecting complaints about such companies.

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    Further Reading

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