The Largest Hydroelectric Power Plant of the World: Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant

ABout Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant

The largest hydroelectric power plant of the world is Itaipu hydroelectric power plant constructed on Parana River in the areas adjoining the borders of Brazil and Paraguay. The plant has been developed in joint collaboration between the two bordering countries. The work on Itaipu hydroelectric power plant started in the year 1975 and was completed in the year 1991. The production of electricity from the plant was started in the year 1982.

In all there are 20 power generation units in the Itaipu power plant with the total power generation capacity of 14000 MW or 14GW with each power generation plant producing 700MW power. The total power produced by the plant throughout the year is whopping 75 million MWh (mega watt hour). If you are still not able to gauge the magnitude of this plant, let me inform you that in the year 1995 the plant was responsible for 25% of total power supply in Brazil, and almost 80% in Paraguay.

Amazing Facts about Itaipu Dam

In the year 1994, the American Society of Civil Engineers elected Itaipu hydroelectric power plant as one of the seven wonders of the modern world. Here are some of the important parameters of gigantic Itaipu hydroelectric power plant that make it wondrous:

1) The total length of the dam is 7234m having the crest elevation of 225m. Instead of considering it as a single dam, you can consider it made up of several dams like earth-fill dam, rock-fill dam, main concrete dam, and concrete wind dam.

2) The flow of water through Itaipu spillways is about 62.2 thousand cu meters per second, which is almost 40 times more than flow of water in Iguacu Falls.

3) The height of dam is unbelievably high measuring 196 meters, which is almost equivalent to the height of 65 storey building.

4) During construction of Itaipu dam the course of world’s seventh largest river, Parana River, was changed and along with it 50 millions tones of earth and rock.

5) The total amount of concrete used in the construction of Itaipu hydroelectric power plant could construct almost 210 football stadiums.

6) The total amount of steel and iron used in Itaipu dam can be used to erect 380 Eiffel Towers.

7) In the construction of Itaipu hydroelectric power plant almost forty thousand workers were involved. Apart from the monumental size of the dam, Itaipu is also a shinning example of the cooperation and friendship between the two neighboring countries of the world. It shows how the friendship between the countries can lead to flourishing and strengthening of the two countries.

Itaipu Dam (Source: Wikipedia)

Itaipu Dam


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