Why Use the Recycled Natural Gas? Companies Supplying Recycled Natural Gas

Why Use the Recycled Natural Gas?

The recycled natural gas is produced when the methane gas generated in the landfills is separated by the modern technologies and mixed with the main distribution system of the natural gas line for the domestic and commercial use. The methane gas is produced in the landfills due to bacterial decomposition of large quantities of waste generated over number of years.

There are many valid reasons for using the recycled natural gas. In US there are more than 1800 municipal landfills where about 60% of the total solid waste is dumped. Off all the natural gas available in the US, almost 25% percent is available from the landfills, making it the largest source of the methane gas in the country.

In these landfills large quantities of the methane gas is produced that has potential to cause human and environmental hazards. For instance, due to this methane gas the surrounding buildings may catch fire even when ignited by small spark of the gas lighter. Similar safety concerns are present on the actual landfills as well. Thus if not utilized properly, the methane gas liberated from the landfills can be dangerous for the human and environment safety.

Further, the landfills keep on liberating large amounts of methane gas for a number of years to come. That’s the reason that some of the landfills that have been converted into the golf courses and parks still emit the gas and some of them pose real safety threats.

The natural gas is also the greenhouse gas that has potential to add to the overall global warming effect. Hence, the natural gas generated in the country should be utilized for the constructive purposes instead of allowing it to roam free in the environment causing various hazards. Using the recycled natural gas helps keeping the surrounding clean and safe. Even the US Department of Energy (DOE) encourages the use and combustion of methane gas released from the landfills.

Companies Supplying Recycled Natural Gas

To prevent the waste of precious methane gas and for the human safety, the technologies have been developed by the companies to separate the natural gas from the landfills, purify it and mix with the main distribution system of the natural gas for various applications. There are number of companies involved into production of recycled natural gas, one of them is GNG.

Georgia Natural Gas (GNG) is one of the leading gas providers in Georgia including Atlanta. The company provides natural gas obtained by the normal methods and recycled natural gas obtained from the landfills. GNG gets its supplies of the recycled natural gas from Live Oak Landfill in DeKalb County, Georgia. The Live Oak field can generate the gas good enough for almost 15000 families for the next 15 years to come.


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