Kids Organic Hair Products: Review of Jason Kids Only! Shampoo & Conditioner

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Kids Only!

Jason Natural Cosmetics manufactures a wide variety of natural personal care products. Their Kids Only! line offers an extra gentle shampoo and conditioner for babies, children, and people with sensitive skin. Jason products do not contain animal by-products and have not been tested on animals.

Jason Kids Only! Shampoo and Conditioner are biodegradeable, paraben-free, and enriched with chamomile, marigold, and whole wheat proteins. The shampoo is sudsy without the use of laureth / lauryl sulfates.

Jason Kids Only! Shampoo (4 out of 5)

Jason Kids Only! Shampoo comes in a 17.5 ounce bottle for approximately $8.00. It’s main ingredients are purified water and sodium myreth sulfate. Other ingredients include organic chamomile flower extract, organic aloe vera gel, arnica flower extract, and organic jojoba seed oil. It has a light cherry-like scent. The shampoo is the same pH as the body’s tears, so no stinging sensation will result from the product getting into your child’s eyes.

Both my daughter and I enjoy using the shampoo on her hair during bath time. The shampoo suds up very well and rinses easily. The directions suggest to “always do a quick light-lathering shampoo first”, followed by a second super-lathering shampooing. I find this extra step unnecessary and I think most parents do not want the hassle of washing their child’s hair twice.

Although the bottle says the shampoo “minimizes tangling to ease wet and dry combing” my daughter’s fine hair desperately needs conditioning before I attempt to comb it out.

Jason Kids Only! Conditioner (3 out of 5)

Jason Kids Only! Conditioner comes in a 8 ounce bottle, about half the size as the shampoo. The conditioner costs about $8.00. Natural conditioning ingredients include emulsifying wax, organic aloe vera gel, babassu seed oil, and vegetable glycerin. The formula also includes the flower extracts of chamomile, marigold, arnica, and linden flower, as well as hydrolyzed wheat protein. It features the same kid-pleasing cherry scent as the shampoo.

This conditioner is too light-duty to use every time I wash my daughter’s hair. If her hair is especially ratty, I reach for another conditioner I know will do a better job of detangling. I do enjoy using this conditioner when light conditioning will do the trick, although I tend to use a generous amount. Because the bottle is half the size of the shampoo, I know I will go through this quickly. I wouldn’t recommend this conditioner for dry or very curly hair.