Clay Bakeware is Eco Friendly: Options for Green Baking

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Baking at home has always been a favorite pastime of moms for generations. However, no other generation has ever felt such pressure as ours to have a green kitchen. With all of the harm that is being caused to our environment, it is crucial that we take even the smallest steps toward living a greener lifestyle, even if your step towards a greener life begins with purchasing eco friendly bakeware.

Henry Watson’s Baking Brick

Bake anything you like in this eco friendly baking brick. Henry Watson’s Clay bakeware has been in the pottery industry for hundreds of years, and as time goes by the quality of their products keeps increasing. Henry Watson’s Baking Brick is a great alternative to a crock pot and will become a staple in your green kitchen. Customers rave about how juicy and tender their meat is when prepared in the baking brick. Due to this being an all natural product it is not dishwasher safe, and has to be washed by hand. Includes small recipe book and instructions for use.

* The Henry Watson Baking Brick is priced at $23 and can be purchased at

Individual Bread Bakers

If your family adores fresh baked bread, why not make some fresh baked bread at home using one of these clay individual bread bakers? With its old school charm, the clay break bakers are just like the ones that were used over a century ago. Soaking the bread baker in a tub of water, before you are ready to bake is one of the old school charming quirks about this bread baker. The possibilities of what you can bake in this charming piece of clay bakeware is endless, it does double duty as a meat loaf pan and cornbread pan.

* The Individual Bread Baker is priced at $20 for a set of four. The set comes with a three year warranty and can be purchased at