Homemade Wind Power and its Advantages

Advantages and Benefits of Generating your Own Wind Power

Perhaps you have given some consideration to getting a wind generator or investing in greener alternative power sources? If yes, you've likely heard about significant advantages and benefits of using a homemade wind generator. The most obvious benefit is the dramatic cut in energy costs.

Compared to expensive, commercial wind turbines that can cost you upwards of $6000.00 to install, you can make your own generator for just a few hundred dollars. Easier still, you can recoup the cost of building your own wind power within six months.

Being able to sustain your own power during power outages is just the tip of the iceberg when you have your own wind power generator. Having a generator as a long-term investment will pay dividends in future savings. The extra savings in your wallet is great, but you also help to contribute to a cleaner environment since the turbines do not emit toxic pollutants.

Get Energy Audits and Cash Rebates with Wind Turbines

It is possible in some situations to completely eliminate your electric bill or at the very least, cut your bill by sixty percent to eighty percent. Developing your own renewable energy resource minimizes the burden placed on electricity; also important is that wind power helps to maintain the reliability of your state's power grid.

Some states allow homeowners to connect their homemade turbine directly into their main power grid, but there are a few states that do not. A good resource (sorted by state) which may be beneficial to homeowners is the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency. The website can help to determine the following:

  • whether homeowners are eligible for a free home energy audit.
  • if your wind generator can connect to the state’s power grid.
  • the amount of federal tax credits for energy sources available in your state.

It is advisable to also contact your State Department of Energy about the laws governing homemade wind power.

Small Scale Wind Turbine That Utilizes a Treadmill Motor

Based on your needs, there are numerous options available for building wind turbine. For example, your goal may be to simply power lights and small appliances in a small remote cabin. Or maybe you just need to generate enough energy to power a well pump for water. Of course building plans will differ from homeowners who would want to power their entire home, versus someone who just wants to power a few appliances.

If your needs are minimal as discussed above, one option is to turn a motor into a generator by using a flywheel motor from a basic treadmill. All you need to do to create electricity is to attach a bolt meter to the leads of the motor; it then becomes a small electric source.

When the shaft flywheel spins, it creates about 6 to 12 volts of electricity depending on your wind source. The voltage that a homemade wind generator produces will vary with wind speed. You can learn more on how to increase windmill efficiency—a process that will help you make the most of your generator during the building process.

Build Wind Turbines From Automotive Parts and Turbine Kits

If you wish to go large scale, you have the option to build a wind generator that could potentially power your entire home. But, regardless of what kind of generator you build, shaping and balancing the turbine's blades is a critical step. This process is necessary to transfer a vast amount of wind power to your generator.

Another important step is to install and mount your wind turbine at least ten feet or more off the ground. This particular building option requires using a car alternator (which you can find in an automotive bone yard). You also need a permanent magnet rotor, and an automotive stator. Both parts are sold online.

The best foolproof option for anyone who wants to DIY is to buy a wind turbine kit. Residential wind turbine kits vary in price, but you can generally purchase one for approximately $300.00 to $500.00. You can purchase a complete system online.

The Future of Wind Power

Put yourself at the helm of creating and investing in your own power source for the long term. Having wind turbine power is a great reliable resource that does not require regular maintenance like larger scale turbines do. Once the system is built, it operates automatically and is designed for life-long operation.

Homemade wind power offers a lower cost alternative that can also be given to developing countries as an easy source of energy. Creating a cleaner energy source by using wind power to your advantage will reduce your carbon footprint and provide for a greener tomorrow.


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