Review of Guyot Designs TapGuard Portable Water Bottle Filter

Review of Guyot Designs TapGuard Portable Water Bottle Filter
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When you’re on your way to work or the gym, do you fill up a water bottle or take a bottled water along with you? Although this seems like the right and convenient thing to do, the quality of the water you’re drinking is questionable, especially if you don’t investigate the water’s certification and origin. If you’re using the water from your faucet impurities could be lurking there as well. Instead of risking your health, you can tote around a portable water bottle filter.

Filtered Water on the Go

TapGuards are portable water filters made by Guyot Designs, and retail at about $15.00 each. The TapGuard fits into most water bottles and filters out 95 percent of the chlorine, which is often found in treated faucet water. It also removes iodine and other organic chemicals. So why is this an eco-friendly choice?

The TapGuard prevents you from using bottled water, which is costly and a waste of plastic. In addition, it comes with two 100-liter carbon cartridges that have approximately a two to three month lifespan. The activated carbon comes from charred coconut husks in the Philippines, but the carbon is made in the U.S. In addition, the product is packaged in post-consumer recycled cardstock and soy-based ink is used for the printing.

Convenience and Functionality

How easy is it to use? First, you need to rinse the carbon pouch with water for one minute. Then you can slide it into the TapGuard unit, which sets inside most wide mouthed water bottles. Next, you fill up your bottle and can drink filtered water throughout the day. The unit’s design also prevents splashing, which is convenient if you drink in the car or while your walking or jogging. Depending on how often you use your TapGuard, you will need to replace the carbon pouches every two to three months.

This inexpensive product has the potential to save you money, and it also helps reduce plastic waste and carbon dioxide emissions. Trying to stay hydrated throughout the day can be difficult, and if you’re active in sports, hydration is key. Keeping a water bottle around with you can help remind you to replenish your body, and a portable water filter will reduce your body’s exposure to chemicals such as chlorine and iodine.

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