Clothing Swap Parties - Trade Clothes with Your Friends!

Clothing Swap Parties - Trade Clothes with Your Friends!
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How many jeans, sweaters, tank tops and t-shirts do you own? If your mind is boggled by this question, then you most likely have too many. Remember, there are only 365 days in a year. Although being stylish isn’t a crime, buying new clothes regularly is an eco-sin, especially when there is a way to get your hands on trendy clothes without the expense and waste.

Invite Friends to a Clothing Swap Party

Without a doubt, wearing the same clothes repeatedly can become boring. However, if you host a clothing swap party with your friends and family, you can turn in your used threads for someone else’s stylish pieces. This is a simple and fun way to recycle your clothes, and the best part is that the activity doesn’t require your hard earned money.

So what do you need for a successful clothing swap get together? It’s beneficial if you invite friends and family members who are similar in size to you, especially when it comes to swapping more fitted clothing such as pants. Once you have your guest list, ask everyone to bring five to ten pieces of clothing that they don’t mind swapping for something different. If you have tables or garment racks, you can transform your home or apartment into a boutique. To make it a more sociable affair, you might want to serve appetizers and drinks.

Clothing Swap Rules

Before letting your friends and family members loose, set aside some guidelines ahead of time so the swap goes smoothly and successfully. For example, request that everyone washes, irons and folds their clothing. You might even want to survey your guests to find out if they’re looking for something in particular such as a white camisole or black belt.

In order to make the swap fair, select a random order for your guests to “shop” in. Then you can take turns swapping clothes and prevent arguments. Depending on the time you set aside for the party, you might consider setting a minimum and maximum number of garments that each guest brings.

Sending out these rules in email invitations will make the guidelines clear and effective. Clothing swap parties can be fun, and if it’s a successful one, everyone will walk away with fun new additions to their seasonal wardrobe.

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