Benefits of Living Green

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Living green needs to be an important lifestyle change for everyone. Living in a healthy world that encompasses your health, environment, the food you eat and the air you breathe is the single most important benefit to living green. What does living green mean.

Green Home

One benefit to living green is maintaining a green home. New building products are making this possible with new homes. However, no matter how old the home is, conserve energy by using less electricity. This is very beneficial as the world reduces their need on electricity. The Government offers tax breaks and incentives to those individuals who upgrade their home with energy efficient products. Tax credits, grants, loans and other sources of funding are available as well through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Green Gardening

Live green by planting a vegetable and fruit garden. Organic gardening benefits you by providing you with healthy vegetables and fruits, which in turn, help your body, stay healthy. Organic gardening means not using non-organic pesticides and fertilizers. When you use non-organic products in the garden, you are actually contaminating the water table by those same products when they are washed away in a rainstorm. This contaminated the fish, and then contaminates people and animals as they eat the fish.

Live by Example

Live by example. In the past, people lived as they were taught, and in those days, not a lot of consideration was placed on living green. Turn those thoughts around and teach your children how to live green. A benefit to this is a continued commitment to protect the planet and ourselves. Conserving the forests to protect endangered species will enable future generations to view the magnificent species Earth has to offer. Green house gases will stabilize and Global warming will possibly slow.


The benefits of living green do not just mean your personal environment but a participation in the overall impact. The single most important mark you can make during your time on Earth is allowing others to benefit from your efforts.