Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

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If a child learns the importance of being eco-friendly, it may encourage him or her to continue being more eco-conscious as an adult. In order to encompass creativity and a science lesson all in one, consider getting the child an eco-friendly Christmas gift. He or she can learn that eco-friendly gifts can be fun even if they are not the typical toys that he or she is used to.

Wonderworld Mini Tower Crane

The toy, which is meant for children two years old and up, is made from rubberwood, biodegradable fabric and water-based non-toxic paint. The mini tower crane can keep a child busy for hours. It is environmentally friendly; you can purchase it on

Solar Powered Robot

On, you can purchase robot kits that will run on solar energy after they are put together. Examples of some of the kits you can purchase are the SolarSpeeder and the Sumovore Mini-Sumo. It can be a great gift that you and the child can build together.

Carnivorous Creations Terrarium Kit

The kit includes everything the child needs to put together his or her own terrarium filled with meat eating plants. The seeds included are for plants such as the Venus Fly Trap and Pale Trumpet. The terrarium can provide a lesson for the child of how to grow the plants in addition to it being an excellent science lesson on how plants thrive. The kit is not meant for children under three years of age.

Sun Jar

The sun jar, which is made up of low energy LED lamps, a rechargeable battery and a solar cell, can be purchased on The battery takes a few hours to charge in the sunlight, then the child can use it at night as a light or a nightlight. He or she will feel as though there is a ball of sun right in his or her jar.

Eco-Friendly Peek-A-Book Stacker

The Peek-A-Boo Stacker is a great eco-friendly birthday gift for a child who is nine months to twenty-four months. The paint on the toys is water based. The three adorable animal faces along with the bright colors on the toy will be sure to make the child smile.