5 Green Shopping Websites for finding eco-friendly gifts and home furnishings

5 Green Shopping Websites for finding eco-friendly gifts and home furnishings
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The Green Loop - This website is like the all green, all natural, all organic version of your favorite clothing store. From vegan shoes, to 100% organic cotton jeans, to green jewelry for men, women and children green shopping has never been so easy. Even green veterans will find apparel and accessories that they cannot live without.


Seventh Generation sells every household item you will ever need and all of the products are 100% green. They make 100% non-toxic diapers, wipes, household cleaners, organic feminine products, 100% recycled toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and more. They also offer the ability to find local stores that carry their products, purchase from online vendors or purchase directly from them saving you a little green while you’re at it.


I could not decide which was better so you get one website for free! Local Harvest puts you in contact with local farms, farmers markets and local store and restaurants that sell produce that was harvested locally. The Local Harvest website is very in depth, with a lot of valuable information on why it is better to purchase your food from local farmers from an eco stance as well as an economical view.

Diamond Organics is your very own Organic Super Grocery store that you don’t have to leave your home to get to…which saves on fuel! Two birds with one stone. Personally I would prefer to shop at farmers markets, but the nearest one is 300 miles away leaving Diamond Organics as my next best option. All of their food is 100% organic and they carry meats, produce, dairy, bread and much, much more.


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Wonderful site! The Green Gift Guide is a collection of where you can buy green gifts online. If there was a one stop shop for everything organic, this would be second to it. They have a large variety of links to beauty products, clothing, furniture, foods, office supplies and even electric hybrid cars and bikes.


Green Home sells beds, couches, patio furniture, tile, rain recyclers, and eco-friendly office supplies. I would be willing to say they carry the green version of everything you will ever need to maintain your home and property. There are many products that I did not know existed and materials I did not know were being used until this site.

Green living is a way of life that is constantly evolving as we learn more about our surroundings and the wealth of resources is already massive. These green shopping websites barely brush the surface of products, possibilities and available green options that exist. The key is to keep yourself informed, be eco-conscious in all your actions and do it out of love for the earth.



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